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Easy At Home Spa Night

Spa night.

Effect peeling.

Glow mask.

Instant radiance eyepatch.

Daily ceramides.

Lip repair.

When’s the last time you stopped to really love on your skin? Schedule yourself in for a spa night at home this week. Make yourself a priority. How does Wednesday night sound?

Whether it be a bubble bath, cuddled up on the sofa watching your favorite show, or having to multitask and fit some time in for you while working, this skin care journey will leave you feeling refreshed and happy that you did some thing just for you.

Wash your face, dry, and apply the effect peeling as an enzyme mask. Wait 10 minutes and then scrub away pore-clogging skin cells to reveal a healthy, fresh complexion. This has prepped your skin for your mask to be super effective so go ahead and apply the vitamin-rich glow mask on your face and neck but avoid the eye area.

Open up your patches and place them on your eye area {they will tingle}! After 20 minutes gently wipe away the glow mask and rub in any excess essence from the eye patch.

Apply that pretty little gold pearl serum all over for a smoothing and calming affect.

Hug your lips with a little lip repair and slightly raise the corners of your mouth.

Happy Skin is totally in!

Planning your weekly self care? Get the products you need here:

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