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Why I don’t get Hydrafacials

Why pay for overpriced machine facials that blast your skin then moisturize, when you can do so much more and pay less?

Dermaplaning. What exactly is it and do I need it?

Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliation that removes the outermost layer of dead, dull skin and fine, vellus hair (peach fuzz). Basically, we take a fresh blade and scrape away your dead skin cells, revealing fresh, new skin.

“I don’t even know what my skin type is, just make it look better!” If you've ever felt this then: You’re in luck, that’s WHAT we do. Dermaplaning gives immediate results while being gentle and relaxing.

  • Makeup goes on smoother for an airbrushed look

  • No more peach fuzz

  • Your pricey home skincare will be much more effective

There's a lot of buzz around the Hydrafacial. I tried it. Afterwards, I was like "Is that it? I can do better." Having 15 years of esthetic and skin knowledge comes in handy. I love the science behind everything so I got to work.

Hydrafacial gives a somewhat invasive exfoliation and then lots of hydrating serum. It's FINE. I did what I do and amped it up. In my version: you get physical and chemical (enzyme) exfoliation, which preps your skin for the HydraSilk treatment that includes pure oxygen and a clinical hydrating treatment. Better absorption, better products, better results.

My favorite part of the facial is the cryotherapy! We mix up a customized mask from our spa pantry and then apply an icy compress on top. Benefits from skin icing include: reducing swelling/puffiness, reducing oiliness, soothes acne, reduces wrinkles, shrinks pores and boosts a healthy flush, giving a radiant glow!

1. No fear of adverse reactions and an effective infusion of active hydration results = skin love. Our clinical Hydrasilk compares to the hydrafacial but with more effective exfoliation PLUS the addition of liquid oxygen, making it the perfect red-carpet treatment.

2. It will result in an immediate fresh complexion with zero downtime and smoother skin, like butter baby. It’s probably my favorite facial right now. After the initial dazzle of a clear, bright face your skin does this tightening effect 1-2 weeks later from activating skin regeneration and collagen. Literally, everyone can benefit from this one, and you can do them monthly.

3. We also offer a chill CBD dermaplane. The addition of our organic hemp serum sourced from Germany strengthens and balances the skin, is packed with antioxidants and includes an anti-stress complex for extra relaxation. It dissolves excess oil helping breakout-prone skin, and it smells really good.

4. Our estheticians are certified and specially trained in the skin services we offer. While dermatologists are doctors of disease and diagnosis, we are skincare and complexion specialists. Why should I do it? What makes it different? What will it do to my skin? Just call us. We love talking about skin!

Skin Type: *safe for pregnant/lactating women, sensitive, dull, dehydrated skin.

**Really good for *Dull, tired skin *immediate results *Perfect before events

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