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Eyelash Extensions

NovaMINX eyelash extensions are an "instant pretty" for any woman who desires 

longer, fuller lashes. A luxury lash extension that looks feminine, soft and flirty. They are weightless and offer effortless glamour that is difficult to detect even close up.

Meticulously applied lash-by-lash, and bonded with award-winning medical-grade adhesives by certified professional stylists at Uptown Charm. 

On average, they last a week longer than the synthetic classic extensions.

Full Set:        $325  2 hours 

2 week refill: $100    50 minutes

3 week refill: $120  1 hour 10 mins

4 week refill: $140  1 hour 20 mins

5 week refill: $170  1 hour 40 mins


We have a passion for helping others and want to share our tricks of the trade with you. We place a very high emphasis on safety and proper technique with our NovaLash extensions.

CAUTION: These are addictive!!!

The lashes are the highest quality on the market and give the curliest, darkest and most flattering look. Each set is customized using a large variety of eyelash extensions with different lengths, thicknesses and curl to ensure you achieve the perfect look for your individual eye shape and style you desire. 

Wake up looking bright-eyed and ready to take on the day beautifully confident.


How Long Do They Really Last?

They last for the duration of your natural lashes. That means, about 30% fall out every 30 days. So, you just come in for a refill, enjoy some down time and leave looking and feeling fabulous. To maintain the full, thick appearance of a new set of lashes, we recommended refills every 2-4 weeks based on your own natural lash growth cycle and preference.


What should I expect at my appointment?

You get to lie down on a comfy bed with under eye collagen treatment pads and snag some beauty sleep with your eyes closed. The procedure is very relaxing and painless and you will awake to luxurious, full and beautiful lashes.


Can Lash Extensions Harm Natural Lashes?

NO. Our application technique allows natural lashes to grow and thrive with extensions. We make sure each extension is adhered to a single natural lash and choose weights and lengths of extensions in order to prevent interruption of the lash growth cycle.

Can Mascara Be Used With Lash Extensions?

Mascara is typically not needed with lash extensions and is one of the biggest benefits! Mascara should only be used when a touch-up is drawing near. NovaLash mascara is a special beeswax-based mascara made specifically to enhance your extensions on special occasions and can be picked up in-salon at Uptown Charm.

Once Applied What Is The Proper Way To Care For Lashes?

The less you do, the better they stay! After staying dry for 24 hours, they are water-proof. You can swim, shower, wear make- up, and exercise as usual. Nightly conditioning with CleanLash pads will maximize the life of the extensions. They are perfect for cleaning the lashes free of any makeup or debris while moisturizing the lashes to maintain flexibility. Using a lash wand to comb the lashes free of tangles and fluff to maintain your flirty look is recommended every morning. IMPORTANT: Do not get any type of cleanser, shampoo, soap, makeup remover or wipes on the lashes or eye area. These products do break down the adhesive.

KERATIN Lash Lift & Tint

Join the healthy LASH lift Revolution! Our Keratin Lash Infusion creates beautifully lifted lashes that are longer, fuller, and stronger. The TREATMENT increases the volume in the diameter of each lash by 40%. Our Deep Black Tint will give a deep and shiny effect. Results last 6-8 weeks!!! 



This is not your ordinary LIFT. Our patented process infuses REAL KERATIN into each lash, strengthening and volumizing them. Instead of leaving lashes dehydrated and frizzy, they are left healthy and lifted. You will be obsessed! Over time you will see longer, stronger and healthier lashes. With no possibility of over processing, this is a safe treatment you can trust. 

Treatment $125  70 mins