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What I'm packing for Spain - skincare edition

Summer Travel Skincare.

As I prepare for my trip to Spain in a few weeks, I promised myself I wouldn’t pack the night before and be up until 2am. Likely wishful thinking, but I want to try on outfits the weekend before and be 90% ready to go the day we leave.

Last Summer we went to France for 2 weeks with only carry-ons. I impressed myself with that level of minimalism! However, Spain is where Zara originated…. So I think I’ll be bringing an empty suitcase to fill and bring home all the goodies, so I still need to pack light!

This means packing toiletries that are multi-taskers and travel well!


When packing toiletries, it’s always best to choose products that won’t leak or bust all of over everything in your suitcase during your flight, such as: one-use ampoules, sheet masks, eye patches, etc in lieu of bottles of liquids. Even if they are in a ziploc, who wants to deal with that mess and wasted money/product?! We try to source bio-degradable items and packaging so the one-use products don’t add to landfills or end up harming nature.

Up first, a little shopping. My first day in a new country, I buy a full size facial cleanser and light moisturizer for me, my daughter and finance to share while traveling. I am a product junkie at heart so I love perusing other country’s beauty products and trying different ones.

These were my French pharmacie finds! I was in the pool and sun all day in St. Martin with a spray tan so I knew I needed extra moisture and found an amazing oil cleanser and hydrating body wash.

What I bring from home:

The first and most important product is a good sunscreen. I’ll be out and about exploring in the sun and need to be protected but do not want to be oily! This sunscreen has a mattifying, super light finish, is broad spectrum and reef-safe (which a lot of beaches are requiring to preserve sea life).

*Pro-tip: reapply every 2-3 hours when outside.

If you are planning to be in the water a good bit on vacay, opt for the Active water-resistant SPF 45

Vitamin C+E (in-studio)

Pretty much the only serum that I bring on big trips. It is a cream serum that comes in a foil tube – meaning it won’t leak on the plane! It’s also really potent donning the protective and reparative effects of vitamin C alongside anti-aging and moisturizing benefits of vitamin E.

Y’all know I’ve loved these for years. I still do. They help ease irritations, and sunburns, soothe your skin, heal breakouts, hydrate and strengthen the skin. They are great makeup primers and feel amazing. Plus, they come in little gold pearl ampoules that won’t explode in your bag mid-flight. With altitude changes, dehydrating flights and new foods changing the pH of my skin, a little skincare SOS is vital.

I grab a couple to use once a week while gone. These are meant for sensitive skin so they alleviate redness and hydrate for a balanced, healthy complexion. It’s a quick treatment that I can throw on while I drink my espresso in the morning.

NEW Eye cream NEW (in-studio)

New on the scene is the b3 Eye Brightening Cream with 5% niacinamide to visibly reduce under-eye dark circles, brighten tired-looking eyes and protect from stress and damage of UV and blue light. A nice refresh after a trans-Atlantic plane ride.

Makeup: 3 steps to my everyday look.

  • I’ll get a spray tan at Uptown Charm the day before leaving, so I’ll choose the bb cream in honey and only need to use the tiniest bit, a pea size will do. Depending on how long I’ll be traveling, I sometimes just squeeze a little into a small container with a screw top. I’ve used salad dressing containers that worked like a charm!

  • Hydrating, lengthening and deep black mascara that nourishes my lashes and smells like vanilla. Easy choice.

  • A micro-collagen hydrator that makes my lips look full and adds a touch of pink. It’s not that sticky kind of gloss that your hair sticks to trying to take a picture in front of your ocean view, which is nice. It’s just right.

The spray tan makes my complexion look even and gives me a glow, making me more confident wearing less makeup. I will also get my eyebrows tinted and shaped at the same appointment so I can forget my tweezers and brow pencil at home!

I’ve always loved getting beauty services before my trips that really last and make my every day so much more carefree! It makes my vacations more relaxing and going from day to night not a complete and exhausting overhaul. I usually just change, throw some heels on and add more lip gloss and bigger earrings!

What’s the one product from home that you won’t travel without??

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