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Client Favorites: The Top 3 Beauty Services at Uptown Charm in 2023

I love looking back over the year to see what you guys loved, where we are excelling in the beauty industry and where we should pivot for the upcoming year. I'm a numbers girlie and like stats so let's hit up the 3 services we did the most of in-studio this year!

#1 : Spray Tans

We did over 1,300 tans this year 😅 Tons of brides, bridesmaids, vacation-prep, bachelorette weekend getaways, parties, events and most of all "just because I feel better tanned!"

Our tans are customized to your skin tone. We are tan mixologist and create your solution from our different tan colors to match exactly what you are envisioning. Our color boost and color lock skin treatments help your tan to develop deeply, shine with the right tones in different lighting and last longer allowing you to enjoy it for one 7 days!

The highlighting and contouring comes free. We are all expertly trained in how to create shadows and pops of light all over your body to allow your physique to look its best, and you to feel even more confident.

Walking out of the studio as a shimmering, bronzed goddess has you guys telling all your friends and family, and we get the most referrals from current clients who not only trust us to do the best and most flawless spray tan but rave about their experience.

It makes our spirits light up and we couldn't be more appreciative!

We've also done more on-location spray tans this year than any other year. You guys have been prioritizing convenience and time this year.

Our no-judgement zone, welcoming atmosphere has helped over 300 spray tan virgins become comfortable with getting totally naked in front of a gal she just met 60 seconds ago.

By the way, the no negative talk is for you - it's prohibited to talk badly about your beautiful, capable human body, skin, hair or any "imperfections" because those don't actually exist - they are normal - which means they are perfectly you.

#2: Brow Wax + Tint

We became known for being obsessive over eyebrows back when I opened Uptown Charm almost a decade ago!

Brows are definitely a trendy beauty service and seems to change about every 3 years. Shape, style, length and even color all are things that continue to evolve as what looks best right now.

Personally, I'm happy we have settled on the fluffy, natural brow for now.

Did you know that we map out and measure your brows every appointment?

It's a science for us, not so much an art. Eyebrows can be different heights, one can be longer than the other and one is always a favorite because it just has a better arch! It's our job to even everything out and use your bone structure and eye shape to make your brows frame your eyes in the best possible way.

We custom mix your tint colors. Our goal is always the root color of your hair to give the most natural appearance. We don't stop there though. We tint your skin underneath those brow hairs. Don't freak out, it looks really good and gives you brow definition without having to fill in your brows with a pencil or powder. It's a really great hack to fill in small bald spots that need to grow in and make your morning/makeup routine easier.

It's 25 minutes of pure brow love and perfecting and you guys have been digging it for years!

#3 Keratin Lash Lift + Tint

Dark, luscious lashes will always be in, but having them also healthy and naturally long is a perk that only we get to offer!

We launched our keratin lash treatments right after Covid shutdown and they have continued to be a top service. So many lash naps!

This vegan treatment includes a plant-based keratin (protein that repairs your individual lash hairs) and growth peptides to get your longest and thickest lashes. It builds on itself and the results speak for themselves.

Using shields and not perm rods helps us to really control the lift and curl we are aiming for. The curl holds longer every time you come see us to get it done.

We've had clients that still have long, curly lashes 8-10 weeks later!

Along with a hydration session to nourish and tint to darken, there's no need for mascara, but when you do wear it: your lashes wow!

What's your favorite beauty trend right now?

As we wrap 2023, I wanted to share thoughts on our chats this year.

It's a question that I ask all my new social followers, and I love starting a convo about any and all things beauty. Your top answers this year circled around the no makeup look, fluffy laminated brows, lash lifts and clean girl aesthetic (thanks tik tok for the explanation).

It's clear that clean, healthy services that allow for less makeup and your natural beauty to shine through are what most of us at UC are trying to achieve right now. Thankfully, we are on the same page with you and only intend to dive deeper on getting better and better in this magical beauty realm.

Cheers to continuing to offer only the top tier beauty services in the industry with an upscale experience and highest quality products. You deserve it!

So, what your favorite beauty trend right now? 📬 DM me, email me or comment below and let me know and let's start a conversation on what's vibing with you at the moment.



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