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New Orleans' Best Kept Secret : From a picky esthetician (+ a local’s discount for you!)

Updated: Feb 23

I pull in the circle drive to a friendly, familiar face. As I jump out and say “the key is in the cup holder!” he responds with “floor 4 - have a lovely spa day!”. 

I kept this a secret for a really long time…….. I’ve actually been going to these luxurious spa-cations for like 8 years now.

I KNOW! I spill my guts about every other thing I’ve ever been impressed with to anyone who will stop and listen, but this was different. 

This place is my oasis. It’s my little secret spot that feels incredibly indulgent and peaceful, and I just love going - by myself. But I’m spilling the tea now because it’s way overdue for you to experience this slice of the divine in our hometown too! 

I whiz by the trademark roses displayed in the lobby, always looking forward to seeing what color they are since they go through more than 10,000 long stem roses arranged throughout the year. It’s always a beautiful welcome. Make a left to the elevators, and in minutes I’m walking into a lavender-infused, low-lit reception. I pick my scent for my massage and make my way to the locker room to get into my fuzzy robe and slippers and start my retreat. 


These days are more frequent now, but they started out as solo work retreats that I would treat myself to 2 times a year. I would bring my agenda, journal and whichever business book I was reading at the time. I would schedule time to go into the relaxation room with my pen, settle myself in the corner with a blanket and map out my next 2 quarters in my business.

>>>I would write down goals, strategize, brain dump new ideas, organize my thoughts and make a plan. 

It’s pretty amazing what throwing your phone in a locked locker and having time to yourself will do for your passion and creativity.

I used to think of these fancy days as an expense that felt selfish, then I realized I did some of my best thinking and planning in a quiet room that was neither my salon nor my home. It’s an investment: in myself, my business and my future - and it’s obviously a really nice treat that I totally look forward to!

Because it is no small fee - I like to make a total getaway out of it so let’s run down my exact spa day schedule to get the most out of your “appointment”. Y'all, I stretch it to a whole dang, luxurious day.



10 AM. Steam Room. 

Get to the spa early so you can start to relax and unwind and actually enjoy your service. Wrap yourself in a towel and hang your robe outside the steam room.

Step in and spray the eucalyptus spray everywhere - it smells SO GOOD - and marinate for 20-30 minutes. 

PRO TIP: Y’all may think I’m nuts or a genius, but I always bring a face mask with me! Lately it’s been the aqua, but glow is a go-to also. I am an esthetician after all, and the steam can dry out your skin! It’s the ideal environment to mask (steam helps open and relax your pores so the ingredients penetrate your skin better) and you’re just sitting there anyway, so you might as well multi-task! I’ve also done hair masks/oils in there too…. 

10:35AM. Shower. 

They always have luxury soaps, shampoo and conditioners in the showers and the rainfall shower head adds to the experience.

10:45AM. Relaxation room. 

Now that you are fresh, make a cup of hot tea and wait for your massage. You are primed to relax and have prepped your muscles.

11AM. 80 Minute Deep Tissue Massage.

 Ahhhhhh. Kinks are worked out with expertise so you know it’s actually releasing tension, but magic hands move rhythmically so it feels more like a treat than a torture session. 

12:30PM. Lunch at the pool.

Change into your swimsuit, put on your SPF + grab your complimentary glass of champagne and head right outside of the spa and make a right. 

It’s a rooftop pool with great views, and it’s heated so I love it all year round! They recently updated the area and it feels like a Miami-esque private pool party with lush cabanas and a fun outdoor bar where you can order food.

I usually get the ceviche or poke bowl. It’s healthy and light. 

I’ll float around, sip my champs and sunbathe while waiting for lunch. Enjoy at a leisurely pace! I try to be super mindful of each taste, feeling and my surroundings.

You won’t remember that you are still in New Orleans.

2PM. Infrared Sauna. 

It’s time for some overall healing and skin-loving light. Grab a chilled bottle of water from the mini fridge before going in, again wrapped only in a towel.

*Infrared rays are invisible, so don’t be alarmed that the room is not red. 

I call this the quiet room. It smells faintly like wood and once the door closes, any noise just fades away and it's just you and some deep breathing. 

This is awesome for your muscle recovery, and even better it’s vitamins to your skin, anti-aging and a natural mood lifter! 

>>> I did a deep dive on infrared (and biohacking but that's a whole other blog - let me know if you want to hear more about this cool health tech) and ended up purchasing these home wellness tools. They run sales often.

Infrared saunas work by heating you up internally, so it may not feel super hot at first, but trust me a 30-45 minute session will have you melting and detoxing in ways that may surprise you. I stay 60 mins for max health benefits, but if it’s your first time 20-30 mins is plenty. 

3PM. Shower.

Did you know "spa" means healing water? Post 2nd shower, I lather up with their yummy-smelling body lotion, leave-in conditioner and the skincare that I bring from home: hydration travel mist, hyaluron caps, collagen moisturizer and spf. 

3:30PM. Relaxation Room.

More hot tea and a business planning session OR politely ask for another glass of champagne and cozy up to the book that you brought and thumb through The Scout Guide on the ottoman. 

5PM. Get your valet validated at checkout, rebook your next boujee spa day so you have it to look forward to, and float home.

They sell Diptyque candles from France. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t get the hype on these, until I finally bought one, now I have several and once the wax is gone I reuse the glasses for cute little containers all over my house.

Don’t plan anything the rest of the day. Luxuriate in your lovely day. 

~~~~~~ Oh the best part! ~~~~~~~~

 Locals get 20% off services EVERY Monday + Thursday!

Tell the Director, Brennan, that Leah sent you. She’s such a sweetheart, and I love talking spa and current nola festivities with her. You can book here 📱

You guys - you get an entire day for the price of the service, literally all the things I mentioned are included, except lunch, and you get a huge discount!

Love you, I'm heading off to my post-Mardi Gras recovery session at The Court .....

XoXo, Leah

P.S. Don't forget your masks, face lotion, spf + bathing suit. Are you going to try this out?!? Please, please let me know if you do because I want to hear about YOUR favorite part!!! Email me: or DM on the channels.

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