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Ever felt confused on exactly how to prep for your Spray Tan? Try these expert tips! 

Prepping for a spray tan is pretty straight-forward: 

  1. Shower, shave and exfoliate 24 hours before. 

  2. Do not put lotion, oils, perfume, deodorant or makeup on.

  3. Bring loose, dark clothing to leave in after your appointment. 

🤦‍♀️ But what happens when maybe you haven’t planned accordingly, but still really don’t want to be pale for your trip, best friend’s wedding or date this weekend? 🏖️ 💒 💕

Here’s some excuses that I have heard over the years……

I can’t get a spray tan, I haven’t shaved my legs!

I can’t get a spray tan, I’m wearing a white blouse today at work.

I can’t get a spray tan, I’m in tight yoga pants from my workout class.

I can’t get a spray tan, I have on lotion AND deodorant.

I can’t get a spray tan, my event is tonight!

I can’t get a spray tan, I totally forgot to shower and exfoliate last night so I did that an hour ago…..

With over 15 years of experience in the sunless tanning world, I can assure you that you can totally get a spray tan right now and you will look FANTASTIC. For a while I was a single mom with a toddler building my beauty business from the ground up. I totally know what being unprepared looks like and feeling like I couldn’t do “all the things” recommended before getting a spray tan. 

So first, I just want you to know if you feel like you don’t have the time to prep 100%, we got you! I have figured out every loophole and solution to ensure that you can get that confidence-boosting glow that you deserve when it’s convenient FOR YOU.

“My tan tech was very professional and clearly knew her stuff. This was my first time getting spray tanned, so I didn't know exactly what I needed or what to say, and as soon as I explained what I was getting tanned for, she immediately knew what solution to use and got everything changed out and set up for me in just a couple of minutes. I haven't gotten the pictures back yet, but the previews I could see with my photographer came out phenomenally. I will tag y'all on social media when I post for sure! -Dani E.

Let’s break down the most common reasons people think they have to forego a spray tan (and how we can help you fix that!)

Hairy legs. So you didn't get a chance to shave? You can shave after 24 hours of getting a spray tan. I’ve done it multiple times. Just be light on your razor and focus on getting the hair off without pushing down to exfoliate your skin. Moisturize afterwards, preferably with the gradual self tanner to ensure an even outcome.

White clothing. It is just cosmetic bronzer that you see on your skin since DHA is clear so it should wash out…. But just in case, we have dark, flowy cotton dresses that you can purchase literally inside the tan room to leave in. Hey, now you have an après tanning dress that you can leave in your trunk!

Tight clothing. See above. 

Sweaty? We have an Exmitt inside the room too. This disposable shower in a bag will freshen you up, exfoliate old tan off and instantly balance your pH levels, perfectly priming your skin for your spray tan.

Help, I have all the barriers. "I have on lotion, makeup and deodorant. I’m sorry, I didn’t know he was going to ask me out for tonight!" Ladies, this has happened so many times. An Exmitt and our makeup wipes will do the trick. Then we can apply our post treatment for a hydrating and firming skin treatment. Done and Done.

I have an event tonight! “I waited to the last minute and the rehearsal dinner is legit in like 5 hours.” This is why we have a Rapid Tan. You’ll be able to rinse off before you even have to do your makeup, and you will get darker by the hour. It’s a light immediate color but by your event you will be glowing, and at the end you will just keep looking better and better. It's a no brainer.

I can't rinse off in 3 hours. “I tried to fit it in earlier this week but we are driving to Destin in an hour. I don’t want to rinse in an hour because I'll be too light, but I can’t wait 5 either because I'll be way too dark!”

Solution: Cocktail Tan. We have created a 6-8 hour solution perfect for when it comes to flights and travel. They are a lot of the time our go-to, and you will be bronzed for the entirety of your trip!

I just hopped out of the shower. So you literally just showered and came in squeaky clean? Cool. Pre and Post treatments for you! Let’s get your pH levels balanced and your skin primed for the tan since your natural skin oils have been stripped then we will hydrate, replenish, nourish and firm your skin after. The best part? You will easily get 2-3 more days out of your tan.

Side note: if you are wondering why it’s so important to have pH balanced skin, it is because that’s the key to ensuring a bronze/brown tone over brassy/orange tone pulling in your skin. 

As much as we would love for you to come totally prepped for for a flawless spray tan, we understand when you can't and we are happy to offer solutions for you that take hardly any time and allow you to get your tan on!

Feel beautifully confident, effortlessly without sacrificing time. We meet your beauty needs on your time. We get that you are a busy babe --> We have late hours (until 8pm) and our tans last a solid 7 days. 🚙 We are also MOBILE and are happy to come to you.

Have more concerns? 📱 📧 Call me, I’m always up to chat! 504.533.9632 or you know you can connect with me through

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