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To do's before you say "I do" Wedding Beauty Timeline

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

The one thing all brides have in common: the goal of having the absolute BEST skin, hair, and nails of their life for their wedding day. Walk down the aisle with confidence with some beauty guidance from the pros.

Before we get started - we have compiled this information into a super cute, printable check list that you can download and pop into your Bridal Binder - find it here. We've also created packages to help you with many of the services you'll be wanting to book! Read more about how we can help you here (scroll down to the packages section).


First things first, upgrade your lashes!

  • We have luxury NovaMINX lash extensions and NEW Keratin Lash Infusion Lift & Tint

  • With so many upcoming events and photos, it's time to call Uptown Charm and schedule your custom lash appointment.

A great complexion comes from drinking lots of water and from inside your esthetician's room! 

  • Now is the time to start thinking about your skin. You don't want to get a peel or new facial right before your wedding as it may cause breakouts and flare ups.

  • Create a relationship with one of our estheticians and together we will set up an alternating schedule of facial services every 4 - 8 weeks based on your skin concerns and get you on a good home care regimen to ensure your best complexion.

  • We offer Dermaplaning + HydraSilk, Green Herbal Peels, Custom Facials and Chemical Peels.

Makeup only looks as good as its foundation, so get your skin smooth and bright and ALWAYS treat your decollete and neck the same as your face! Your wedding dress neckline will show this area off. 

Glow Up - lets get bronzing!

  • spray tan, spray tan, SPRAY TAN! You absolutely need a safe,natural glow to compliment your new white wardrobe for every event! 

  • Sign up for our Bride Spray Tan series and let’s get your color just right for your Big Day and ensure you are glowing through all your celebrations


Engagement party

  • 3 days before party: get a flawless manicure to show off your sparkly new ring

  • 2 days before party: Brows on Fleek & SPRAY TAN! Less makeup prep and more time to celebrate with your fiancé


6 months prior to the wedding date

*If you haven't yet - Book your appointments now


  • Take stress off your wedding day by booking a mobile spray tan to come to your airBNB or hotel for you and your bridesmaids! 

  • "X" marks the spot - Book the Bridal Party Mobile Tan package and let us come to you and your girls. Receive the best spray tan in town. Our tan artists are trained in our signature 7 step technique to ensure shading and contouring in all the right places. We will set up and take down in about 15 minutes! We only use luxury solutions that have organic and premium ingredients so you know you are always getting a natural, beautiful color and we won't take up time on your busy day. 


It’s time to start including monthly peels or facials 

  • Green Peel ~ radiance (recommended 3 months before wedding date) The Radiance peel is purely plant-based and a milder method of the green peel skin resurfacing treatment. You’ll need just a couple days of downtime and it continues to rebuild collagen and tightens skin for 4 - 6 weeks after treatment. 

  • Medical grade facials allow your skin to experience two types of exfoliation with some friendly acids: lactic, salicylic and glycolic & natural enzymes to ensure a smooth texture. This facial will leave your skin smooth, hydrated and your complexion glowing.

  • Dermaplane with HydraSilk is a go to option for the week of pictures and parties as it gives an instant smooth and brightening with zero downtime.

PRO TIP: add a Glycolic Peel to your facial for derm renewal and better absorption of brightening and correcting serums.


  • Have you booked all fills until the wedding? We want to work around you and make beauty appointments a retreat, not a chore. Book ahead and enjoy your beauty naps with us.


Bridal Shower

You are about 3 months out until the wedding and your glowing with excitement, boost your natural glow with daily ceramides.

Suddenly your skin feels like never before. This nourishing skin care supplement can be combined with your anti-aging regimen and will improve the skin’s epidermal moisture barrier. Ceramide and essential lipid complexes provide your skin with instant, incredible comfort, a silky smooth texture and incomparable softness. It also protects the skin against environmental elements 

  • Grab some Norvell Gradual Tan CC cream. This fool-proof self tanner is also a concealer and moisturizer perfect for touch ups and a dewy glow.

Pro Tip: Let us know the different necklines and back of dress details so we can contour your Spray Tan just right. Bring loose, dark clothing to leave in!


Bridal Photos

You've put in some beauty prep so the day before you can pop on a mask (and sleep in it for super easy self care), eye patches go on while drinking your coffee and the lip plumper as final touches with your makeup.

  • G.M. Collin Instance Radiance Eye Patch → instantly reduces the signs of fatigue of the eye contour, and the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, under eye bags and dark circles - looking tired due to wedding planning? … uh no thank you!

  • Glow Mask → this mask revives tired-looking skin thanks to its vitamin cocktail. It provides a radiant glow to the skin and helps restore its suppleness and moisture

  • Lip plumping complex in Rose → Formulated with a revolutionary patented Micro-Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid lets get your lips looking kissable and framing your radiant smile! (are you using teeth whitening stips yet?) 


Bachelorette Party

Brazilian, Brows on Fleek, & Bronzed!

These are your 3 B’s to prep for your killer bachelorette party! 

  • Brazilian: Known as the ‘playboy’ this waxing technique removes all hair from the entire bikini area. It's the cleanest and barest of all. The results last 3 to 4 weeks. Hair must be 1/4 inch long to be effectively removed. Hard and soft waxes used.

  • Brows on Fleek: Combine a custom color brow tint and a Beautiful Brow waxing service to have perfect eyebrows without constantly cosmetically filling for 4 weeks!

  • Bronzed: Spray tan! We provide a personalized spray tanning session where a spray tan artist applies a sunless solution to your whole body with an airbrush gun, contouring and highlighting INCLUDED. Darker legs, a lighter face, sculpted abs and more defined arm muscles are a few tricks we have learned to give you a flawless and even tan. Trained to compliment across a broad spectrum of skin shades and tones, results are natural, never orange.


Rehearsal Dinner & Wedding

Book our BRIDE Luxe Beauty Package

  • Monday: Its Wedding Week!! Your planning is over and it's time to ENJOY

  • Tuesday: Dermaplane + HydraSilk treatment will have you fuzz-free for smooth makeup application and your complexion brightened, tightened and firmed with our signature Oxygen and Hyaluronic Acid Infusion for an instant and lasting glow. Lash fill or Keratin Lashes for a full and glamorous look throughout the best week of your life

  • Wednesday: Waxing - go the whole 9 yard with waxing for your big day - brazilian, brows on fleek, lip, underarms;  mani/pedi at your favorite nail salon! “On Wednesdays we wax” 

  • Thursday: Rapid Spray Tan → don't forget those pre and post treatments! 

    • Color boost pre-treatment: our high-definition secret. This fantastic pH balancing Norvell pre-treatment is applied by your spray tan artist before your custom color to ensure bronze over orange tint and deeper absorption of the solution. This is our go-to for any occasion where you will be in pictures and different types of lighting.

    • Color lock post-treatment: Skin firming serum plus color lock, yes! This Pro Norvell skin treatment is fabulous for parched skin & is applied by your spray tan artist ‘locking’ in the color results, increasing moisture through the life of the tan & capping any displeasing scent from the DHA



You need ALLLLL the travel kits 

  • BDB best seller kit: beautiful brows begin here … universal brow pencil for smooth and naturally full brows, Brow Duo Pencil for gorgeous definition and warmth, Clear Brow Gel for hold and control, Smudge Brush for perfect blending 

  • Norvell Venetian Self Tanning Kit … make that tan last girlfriend! This kit includes everything you need before and after your customized spray tan! Exfoliant (great for post wax care), self tanning mist, shower cleanser, and self tan for prolonging your color 

  • Novalash Lashpads Lash lift and extension friendly travel makeup remover pads that nourish your lashes and skin with antioxidants.

  • BioVegane Sheet Masks for a quick pick me up after drying flights and new climates with different altitudes

  • SPF SPF SPF Our Weightless broad spectrum sunscreen doesn't feel like sunscreen and absorbs to a matte finish to protect your skin whether hiking in Peru or laying out in Fiji

Congratulations again and we are super excited about meeting your pre-wedding beauty needs and beyond. Breathe, Relax & Enjoy!


As a reminder - we have compiled this information into a super cute, printable check list that you can download and pop into your Bridal Binder - find it here. We've also created packages to help you with many of the services you'll be wanting to book! Read more about how we can help you here (scroll down to the packages section).

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