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The Most Thoughtful Gift

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Black Friday is next week and as holiday buying kicks off, I’m trying to figure out what to buy my family and friends. I’m that “elder” millennial looking for experiences and quality of time and memories over more stuff and things. At heart, I’m a minimalist and more material things mean more clutter and chaos, and I’m looking for peace of mind more than ever.

Gift education, skills, and tools this holiday season

That looks like investing in my future self, as next year undoubtedly brings a recession in the US. This year, self-care looks like: clarity, intention and opportunity!

As a lash trainer, a lot of my students get help with their tuition for Charm Lash Academy from parents, godparents, spouses and close friends. It makes the financial investment a bit less for my student and sometimes more attainable. The ones gifting help financially, but more than that, they are telling the student THEY BELIEVE IN THEM. They believe in their dedication, their passion and their abilities! It gives them great pride and courage to have support from loved ones.

It's hard changing or starting a new career. It’s a risk. It’s a leap. Having the caring support of someone close to you boosts confidence!

Every year, I invest in coaching and online programs for myself. I love growing and learning new things. I bet on myself every time! Knowledge makes me more valuable to clients, makes things easier to achieve and opens my creativity, grants me more freedom and increases my earning potential. It’s a win-win.

I already know that you believe in investing in yourself. You are like me. It’s one of the components that attract you here! If you are looking to uplevel or launch into a new

(lucrative + recession-proof) lashing career – you want to put Charm Lash Academy on your Christmas List.

One of my recent graduates got a

large down payment from her Mom to take the course. It got me thinking. I would totally do that for my daughter, Juliette. I guess I already do! I invest in after school activities to see where her passions lie and invest in hobbies I already know she loves and wants to excel in. I wouldn’t hesitate on an opportunity to support her goals and dreams!

Whether you are gifting yourself, or someone else, I encourage you to consider education and opportunity that will keep benefiting for years to come.

Gift someone inspiration and peace of mind. You can email me and I will send a custom invoice for you. Whether it’s a portion or total tuition – you get to choose! It’s a gift card that leads to an exciting new career.

Charm Lash Academy is a school for dedicated and aspiring beauty professionals who want to learn how to do lash extensions the master lash artist way. It’s not your normal beginner’s course. You learn theory, design, application, retention and more in this skills-based course. Complete with my tried-and-true secrets tool kit, you are set up for success with everything you need to start lashing an elite clientele and get booked out a year in advance. Level up to a 6 Figure Lash Artist for 2023!

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