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Keratin Lash Lift: Did you know?

Did you know? Lash lifts done elsewhere use perm salts that will dehydrate and kink your lashes causing fall out and weird grow out.

What’s so special about an Uptown Charm Keratin Lash Lift? It’s a luxurious lash growth treatment that just so happens to lift lashes as well!


Long, dark, luscious lashes that hold curl and increased volume with every treatment! Itching for gorgeous healthy lashes that are YOURS?

Healthy Growth

This service infuses Keratin and Peptides into each lash. The Keratin is responsible for the growth and repair. Peptides replace the collagen in your lashes which makes them super healthy and thick!


As with all our services, the KLL treatment is a clean beauty services. The KLL is also a vegan-friendly treatment.

Healthy Curl

Our unique process results in curled lashes without the use of harmful perm salts & rods. Never fear there is a 0% chance of damage or overprocessing.


For the first 3 services, we recommend seeing you every 4 weeks, and after that you can extend to 6-8 weeks, Because the process builds on itself, you'll see a big difference the longer you use it.

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