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3 Facial Mask Hacks you’ll want to know about!

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

I really love masking! Seriously.

Having an at-home skin ritual is just as good for my mental well-being as it is for my complexion. I try to do a mask twice a week. Paired with a bubble bath, candle lit and usually a podcast streaming.

But, I also throw a mask on in the shower when I know I need to exfoliate my body and shave my legs (spray tan prep day)….paired with a hair mask. I really like to multi-task.

"Any which way you can get some masking in, it’s always worth how your skin feels and looks!"

I’m sharing with you my “mask hacks” for when I need to multi-task on my face, for when I’m too tired to mask and how I get every last drop out of the bottle!



Multi-masking is using specific masks, to address different skin issues you may be experiencing, all at one time. Think of it as zone-masking!

🖤 I will use a charcoal/clay mask in my T-Zone to suck up excess oil and kill any bacteria that may contribute to a breakout.

💧 I use hydrating masks around the perimeter of my face to drench my smaller pores in moisture and help with any signs of aging. Speaking of, I’ll put an eye mask under my eyes at the same time or thickly layer nourishing masks under my eyes.

☀️ Then, I’ll apply a tightening mask in my jaw area, neck and décolleté to firm up that area, lighten any sun damage there, even my skin tone and overall just treat that thinner and more delicate skin.

You can use a silicone mask brush and feel fancy and treat yourself to a soothing experience.



When you are exhausted, but don’t want your skin to look exhausted too? I invite you to sleep mask. There are masks that you can literally throw on, let dry for a few minutes and then while you sleep your skin is getting nourished and repaired, allowing you to wake up to hydrated skin and a fresh complexion.

That’s easy skincare!

Not all masks meet this criteria. I would say that any mask meant to hyper exfoliate, is too drying or gel masks that do not eventually get to a matte form would not be ideal for this method of masking. Not sure if what you have will work? Message me and ask! 🗳️ or DM @uptowncharm

🍊 My favorite overnight mask is the Glow Mask because it does not get on my pillow case, hydrates my skin while its dehydrating overnight, and sends a surge of Vitamin C, A, B & E into my skin, evening my skin tone and repairing daily damage while giving me a radiance with basically no effort on my part.

Hot tip: Make sure you exfoliate before you mask! Your mask needs to reach fresh layers of skin to penetrate and be effective. Don’t let it sit on top of dead skin cells!



Most masks worth their while aren’t cheap, so make sure you are getting every ounce out of that bottle!

Even when you can’t possibly squeeze another drop, do not throw it out yet! Cut that bottle in half. There will be mask in the top portion and the bottom portion.

Usually enough for 2-3 more applications!! Maximize your efforts!

Esthi Tip: Keep your masks in your shower, on your vanity, or by your toothbrush so they stay top of mind and easy-to-use. I bet it doubles the amount of times you mask every month!

Which one of these tips was your favorite? Which one are you likely to try?!

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