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Pack With Me: Travel Essentials

Most of you know I'm in France right now! I wanted to share how I prep to leave and my regimen for my skin on vacay mode!

T- 3 days before our flight and I'm trying to get my beauty appointments out of the way so I can stay up until 3 am packing last minute for a 6:30 am flight. Why is getting ready to leave for vacation so dang stressful?!? I do not want to do ANYTHING beauty- related on vacation. I just want to experience and enjoy, and look good doing it!

Service Timeline:

Pack Lighter:

Part of the joy of taking great care of your skin, and getting our long-lasting beauty services, is packing less when you travel! Fewer care items and less makeup- but still feeling beautifully confident through the whole trip. Click to see my step-by-step skincare and light makeup products for a fresh look.

Long Lasting Tan:

The prep ahead is totally worth it. I will feel so naturally pretty going with a naked face and donning my bikini for a week. I plan to go straight to a pharmacy in France and get a bottle of lotion to slather on twice a day. When I get home, I'll get to enjoy 3-4 more weeks results from all my beauty services.

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