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Leah's Skin Care Routine

I like to mix up my methods of exfoliation. I like retinols, enzymes, acids, herbs, scrubs toners…and every time I switch over and commit to one I get excited all over again about it. A couple weeks ago I decided to do a solid month series of our Derm Renewal Booster serum.

It’s a 10% AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) exfoliating serum. My skin tends towards sensitive so I decided to pair it with a GM Collin ceramide. This will slightly dilute the potency of the acid, however it also adds in barrier rebuilding, soothes, hydrates and eases any potential irritation.

AHAs or alpha hydroxy acids help exfoliate surface level skin cells to reveal smoother, brighter and clearer skin. You will see fewer fine lines and wrinkles, cleaner pores and an overall more even skin tone. Our booster serum is mostly lactic acid which will hydrate the new skin cells as the old are removed.

Bonus: this exfoliating serum is safe for pregnant and nursing moms! I know how skin can go bonkers with the rise and fall of hormones and our mommas are grateful to have this serum at their disposal to clear up breakouts and help tame discolorations.

The Routine:

In the evening:

I would wash with PCA Skin Oily/Problem Facial Wash, mix a whole dropper of the Derm Renewal with 1 gold pearl ceramide in my hand and apply on my neck, face and decollete (upper chest and collarbone area connecting your neck).

Pro Tip: always wash and apply products in an upward direction. Pulling down on your skin daily will age you quicker – eek! I would then apply GM Collin Marine Collagen Moisturizer.

In the morning:

I would again wash with the O/P Facial wash, apply a dropper of GM Collin Vital C + PCA Skin Vitamin b3 brightening serum on neck, face and decollate, followed by PCA eye gel and Weightless SPF 45.

I do not use moisturizer during the day as its May here in NOLA and its hot and humid. My skin is combination so my T-zone can get a little shiny.

The Results:

My skin is so soft! It is bright, even toned and my pore size is drastically smaller giving my skin a more flawless appearance. Especially as Summer approaches, I tend to wear less makeup so having my skin on point is important. I like a bright lip, some mascara and au revoir out the door.

Like free things? This week I am giving you a free No Peel Peel when you purchase a bundle that includes: Derm Renewal Booster + Ceramide 20 count + PCA Skin Weightless SPF 45. You can boost your results by starting out with a peel on me, which has no downtime and then start on your skin regimen!

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