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Why & How to Exfoliate before a Spray Tan

An even base for your spray tan to start on is how you get a flawless tan and an even fade – no weird patches here! Spray tan solution uses your very top layer of skin to interact with and develop a beautiful bronze. If you start patchy, you will look patchy and will fade patchy. Makes sense? Now let’s get you smooth.

As with facial exfoliation (read that blog here) you have 2 options. Manual and Chemical.

Manual Scrub:

Dry – Deramsuri. No products to worry about except for this specific material, reusable mitt. Dampen skin and start to scrubbing. You will shed up to 2 weeks of dead skin cells and can see it roll off your body. Wash mitt with soap and hang dry for next use. Enjoy your renewed skin!

Wet – I recommend an at-home version using coffee grinds (because I’m an addict and always have them) If you’re not a coffee lover, I’m sure one of your neighbors is so just ask them! Half cup ‘used’ grinds mixed with a couple of pumps of your shower cleanser make for a great scrub, and the caffeine promotes microcirculation in your skin helping to reduce cellulite. You know I’m always here for the multi-tasking.

DIY not your thing? Grab Norvell’s Renewing Exfoliant that doubles as an ingrown hair preventer for your bikini area!

Chemical Exfoliation

Selfie Sunless Tan Remover wins. Apply this foam all over the body generously, wait 10 minutes then jump in the shower and scrub off with a washcloth. Its also a primer making it ideal for your 24-48 pre-tan prep.

We focus on cell turnover so much for the face, but can ignore the rest of our largest, living organ: the skin on our body! Our spray tans ARE skin care. They are full of anti-aging serums, natural firming agents, hydrators, vitamins, and antioxidants. Not only are you prepping for a great base, but you are allowing these awesome nutrients to penetrate into your skin for a truly healthy glow.

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