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Cold Weather Tan Tips

Winter means we are outside less and therefore getting less natural sun. Your skin can start to look dull and uneven from the harsher temps. Keep a healthy-looking complexion with a little bronze from Uptown Charm! (& make note of these tips)

Tip 1:


The colder weather and drier air can dry out your skin and can make it flaky and damaged. Switch to a heavier-based body lotion (sulfate & alcohol-free!) & apply immediately after stepping out of the shower for max absorption.

Tip 2:

Cooler Water

Long, hot baths & steamy showers may feel good but they wreak havoc on your skin. Avoid your tan turning patchy by using warm water and possibly a moisturizing body oil while still in the tub.

Tip 3:


The holidays (Thanksgiving - Mardi Gras for us here in NOLA) usually mean more alcohol, traveling, and breaking from normal routines. Make sure to keep up your water intake to keep your skin fresh & clear.

Tip 4:

In Studio

Change up your Summer color to more of a winter 'glow!' Go a little lighter or wait about 30 minutes less on your processing time than usual. You will still get the same longevity, but with less deep tones. Tell your tan artist and we will make the adjustments for you.

Tip 5:

At Home

Can't make it in-studio? Use Norvell's gradual self-tanner lotion with cc cream for a quick fix to give instant color and coverage in just the places you need it. Apply, wait about 5 minutes to dry, wash palms with soap & out the door.

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