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Self Tan like a Pro

Have you tried a self-tanner? You were excited to be transformed into a bronzed goddess only to end up streaky, uneven, a little orange and with dirty palms? Give it one more try. Hear me out.

Jergens natural glow took sunless tans to another level. Everyone loved that you could moisturize while getting a little darker with every application. Except it smelled pretty awful, turned orange and refused to go on evenly. We still kept using it though because there was nothing like it on the market. Hello, Norvell! Norvell has done their trial and error in the labs and given us pure gold that actually works and looks natural.

So which is best and how the heck do I apply this without looking like I “fake tanned”?

Step 1. Shower, shave and exfoliate at least 24-48 hours before you plan to tan and do not apply lotions, perfume or oils.

  • Shower: Do not use Dove products. No sunless products mingle well with them because of their sulfates and other ingredients that either strip oils from the skin or leave a residue. Sorry Dove.

  • Shave: Have those little gliders on each side of your razor? They leave little, invisible wax lines on your legs so just make sure to cleanse off afterwards.

  • Exfoliate: Grab a bowl and put in used coffee grinds or sugar (salt will burn after shaving!) and your body cleanser. Scrub and rinse.

*If you love to stay freshly tan like us, get the Selfie tan remover and primer. Apply foam to body, wait 10 minutes, jump in shower and rub with washcloth. It’s a gentle chemical peel for your body and not only removes old tan effortlessly, it helps cell turnover and refreshes your skin.

Step 2. pH Balance.

Your pH matters when it comes to your optimal color. Use Norvell’s pH shower cleanser or the Exmitt, especially if you will be photographed in different lighting (portraits, weddings, events).

Step 3. Apply Lotion or Foam.

Ok, you have 2 different options here.

The Venetian Mousse has more DHA and will get you darker with less applications for sure. It goes on smoothly and evenly and in 24 hours you will have a noticeable tan. It’s pretty great at being a touch up between tans for inside elbows, knees, face and sport bra lines.

Gradual Tan CC cream. I kind of love this one. Being spoiled with spray tans, I never picked up the art of self-tanning at home quite pro-like, but my creamy self-tanner is fool proof and very forgiving. Plus, my skin is always parched and the moisturizers sink in and give a dry finish. I love this as a quick bronze glow to my face (makeup free) and on my legs in the winter when I just have my ghostly legs showing with some killer knee highs. Instant color from the bronzers and lasting color from the DHA.

*The secret to putting this stuff on? A damp mitt. You know how beauty blenders do their best job when damp and not dry? Well, if you didn’t you do now! Blending mitts work the same way sister.

4. Look and feel pretty with confidence.

Is it really that easy? Yeah, actually it is. Keep at least one of these products in your bathroom cabinet for a quick pick me up, last minute date or impromptu getaway. Bronze on, Beautiful!

(You'll find all my favorite self tanning and spray tanning products here:

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