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Pro Skin Treatment Roundup

Skincare is confusing. There are so many different facials, peels, needles, and blades around you are probably wondering: Which one should I do? Should I go to my dermatologist for this? Will it burn? What’s the difference between microblading and microneedling? (hint: one is brows, one is face, and they are nothing alike). Sound familiar? Let’s break it down.


Great starting point

Awesome for:

  • Getting an in-depth skin analysis

  • Uncovering dos and don’ts for your current home care regimen

  • Clearing up blackheads

  • Healing breakouts

  • Smoothing texture and evening tone to reveal a happy, healthy complexion

Skin type: All, but mostly healthy skin with little concerns, or newbies who have no idea what they want and need direction.

Ok so everyone kind of knows this one. To me, facials are a great way to get to know your skin. You can go to a day spa for a robe and some relaxation, or a skin clinic practice (that’s us!) for treatments you will feel and see when you leave, plus giving you some idea of how to achieve and keep your complexion looking radiant. Totally not necessary to go to the Dermatologist for this one.

This will determine how your skin reacts to professional products and give a gauge on how to best treat it now and in the future. There’s time for a skin analysis to figure out skin type and concerns you may have and then talk about goals. It’s a skin-loving session that leaves your complexion clearer and more hydrated. It’s customized. That means from exfoliating to masking, I pick what’s best for your skin. It’s all about skin science for me and professional ingredients that I mix and match to whip up treatments that will make your skin feel refreshed.

Chemical Peels.

Brighten up

Awesome for:

  • Lightening discoloration from sun damage and dark acne spots

  • Clearing acne and getting breakouts under control

  • Evening out skin tone and redness

  • Smoothing texture

Skin Type: Pigmentation/discoloration, Sensitive/Rosacea, Acneic.

My go-to when I need to hit the reset button on my skin. If I’ve been a little less compliant with my home care, I get a peel. It’s a great way to lighten dark spots, even skin tone and quick heal breakouts. With a series, it helps fight fine lines and early signs of aging while giving you a smooth and hydrated complexion. I do one of these every 4-6 weeks to keep my skin in line!

Our peels are medical grade – meaning they are highly effective and only include the good stuff, so skin complexions from super light to super dark and all colors in between will get fantastic results. That’s pretty cool because darker skin and reddened skin can have adverse reactions when getting chemical peels if done by a practioner not educated in more reactive skin types. I love that our peels can treat all skin.

Our peels are progressive and not aggressive so no burn (or sunburn) here. No downtime and communication with our clients ensure comfort through the process, which is only 30 mins.

Green Peel.

Skin so smooth

Awesome for:

  • Large pores

  • Blemished skin

  • Wrinkles and skin laxity

  • Sun-damage spots and scars from acne/breakouts

  • Tired, dull skin

Skin Type: Large pores, Textured/pitted skin, Aging prevention, Mature/loss of collagen.

Made from 8 selected herbs, this is great for more eco-conscious skin clients. This natural peel is super effective at tightening and brightening. The herbs are massaged into the skin and the minerals and enzymes that stay in your pores smooth your complexion, shrink your pores and boost your youthful glow.

Thin skin is more susceptible to sun damage and can look aged. This peel originated in Europe and is the way they avoid facelifts and cosmetic procedures! Contrary to America’s thin skin culture, Europeans nurture a thick, healthy skin. Filling any lines, retexturizing to reveal smooth skin, and tightening and gently exfoliating reveals a fresh glowing complexion.

I rotate off retinols and do a green peel to keep a good balance for my skin. It’s a highly effective treatment to not go under the knife or avoid it all together. Also, my go-to when clients want to resurface without lasers. Dermatologists can get you drastic results but usually, come with considerable downtime and discomfort. The majority of my clients cannot arrange for that or choose not to so I’m happy we can offer highly effective alternatives.


Get that glow

Awesome for:

  • Dull, tired skin

  • Quick treatment

  • Immediate brightening

  • Events

Skin Type: *safe for pregnant/lactating women. Sensitive, Dull, Dehydrated, lots of vellus hair.

I don’t even know what my skin type is, just make it look better! You’re in luck, that’s WHAT we do. Dermaplaning gives immediate results while being gentle and relaxing. Makeup goes on smoother for an airbrushed look, no more peach fuzz, and your invested homecare will be more effective. No fear of adverse reactions, and an effective infusion of active hydration results in skin love. Our clinical Hydrasilk compares to the hydrofacial but with more effective exfoliation and the addition of oxygen making it the perfect red-carpet treatment.

It will result in an immediate fresh complexion with zero downtime and smooth skin. It’s probably my favorite facial right now. After the initial dazzle of a clear, bright face your skin does this tightening effect 1-2 weeks later from activating skin regeneration and collagen. Literally, everyone can benefit from this one, and you can do them monthly.

Our estheticians are certified and specially trained in the skin services we offer. While dermatologists are doctors of disease and diagnosis, we are skincare and complexion specialist. Why should I do it? What makes it different? What will it do to my skin/the result? Just call us. It’s what we do, and we are really good at it!

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