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No Makeup = No Problem

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

I never thought I would feel totally ok putting a picture or video on social media, publicly, unfiltered, unedited with zero makeup on ….but here we are. I have to say I’m actually really proud of my complexion!!

I became an esthetician because I had severe acne. Not a breakout or pimples, but the red, inflamed awful freaking acne all over my face, that I thought I would have to live behind for the rest of my life. Sure I tried the dermatologist, Differin, Cetaphil, oral antibiotics, washes, retinols, etc. My skin was just pissed and it looked it. Fast forward to becoming a skin care specialist and now knowing all the things that I was doing so, so backwards.

I love that no makeup and a natural look is so on trend right now. Not only does it make our morning routines quicker, but we get to see the beauty that is us. The natural.

We all have pores, we get breakouts…we pick at said breakouts, we have sun spots, texture issues and blotchy areas. We are human. However, having skin that I take care of properly and feel good about is a level I achieved years ago and I truly enjoy helping others to feel the same. There’s lotions, potions and serums, vitamins, acids and masks.

Dude, I was in Trader Joe’s today and saw a hyaluronic acid and gel moisturizer and really wanted to buy them even though I already have something very similar from the studio!

The marketing is real, and for a lot of you, real confusing. You buy what sounds good, pretty packaging and what your friend uses, and maybe that’s working for you but if it’s not - hit me up! I’m down to be your esthi bestie. I do a lot of research on the products that I choose to carry in studio but if you’ve ever worked with me, you know I’m happy to go over what you have from anywhere and educate you on what’s best for your skin.

Our complexions are front and center for the world to see. If you feel like you need (and not just want) makeup, photo editing apps or just don’t feel confident in your complexion, you are not alone. The secret is consistency. I know, it’s the secret to pretty much everything but if you want glass skin babe, you are going to have to commit to it.

Cool now that you are excited about a clear, bright complexion and going makeup-free, now what? What’s it going to take?

  1. Get on a professional facial schedule. Whether you can do the monthly recommended, every other month or quarterly - book them out!

  2. Get the right products for YOUR skin goals. Want to clear up breakouts and blackheads? Worried about aging, lines, firmness? Those dark spots or acne scars driving you crazy? Let’s talk in studio and I can make a regimen for you that fits in your routine.

  3. Do the regimen, morning + night. Cleanse, mask 2-3 times/week, exfoliate 2-3 times/week, use the right moisturizer.

You will see results! If you’ve been wanting to take control of your skin care and start seeing improvements that make you excited to snap pictures of yourself and feel good about your complexion sans makeup or very minimal clean makeup, as they say, this is your sign. Commit to yourself and feeling good about your skin, more than a facial gift card once a year, but a way to actually take care of yourself! PSA: use that spf you bought.

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