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Myth vs. Fact | Spray Tan Edition

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

The early 2000's have scared off most into thinking a "fake tan" will leave them looking like they rolled in Doritos and everyone will know their secret. Fear not! Sunless tanning has come a long way and its actually still a fun little secret, but its because you look sun-kissed, toned and glowing and people want to know what new skincare or workout regimen you are into.

Lets debunk the most common myths of spray tans.

Myth: I'll look orange.

False. We use Norvell tanning solutions which are the top of the line and #1 rated tanning solution for the "just off the beach" look that we all crave. The primary tanning agent used in our solution is DHA (dihydoxyacetone) which only alters the topmost layer of our skin. DHA produces BROWN compounds through its reaction with skin proteins and oxygen (think of an apple oxidizing after being sliced).

TIP: pH levels are a big deal when it comes to orange tones, so AVOID bar soaps and Dove products.

Truth: Our spray tan artists are trained to use a specialized method that is customizable to your skin tone, which ensures bronze over orange.

Myth: Its messy and it won't last

False. All of our spray tan artists are trained to offer a clean airbrushed spray tan.

No tents here. We dry you as we spray you in our dedicated room with overspray backdrop and exhaust fans. Our spray tans are fast drying to ensure you are in and out of your service within our 10 minute window, and finished off with a drying powder that definitely has some shimmer because - we believe in glitter here. The longevity of your spray tan is directly connected to the care of your skin before and after the spray tan. Exfoliating your skin 24 hours prior will extend the life of your tan by ensuring an excellent base for our tanning solution. Moisturizing your skin and hydrating your body will give you an even, natural fade.

Truth: With our guidance, expertise and top notch product, our tans last up to 10 days.

Myth: It makes my skin dry

Did you start with dry skin? I personally have super dry skin to start and after showering, exfoliating and shaving and NOT putting moisturizer on, my skin is flaky, so I always opt for the hydro-firm color lock treatment which gives my parched skin a beautifying blast of dewy, skin-smoothing hyaluronic acid and hydrating aloe vera.

Truth: Natural enzymes and vitamin E in the solutions repair weak, dehydrated skin and promote the efficiency of the body's own moisture matrix.

Bronzed body serum....spray it on!

Myth: It is unhealthy/toxic to my body

False. We spray pregnant women on the reg. Truth: Norvell tanning solutions actually have a potent blend of vitamins and antioxidants that work with our skin to create the perfect customized shade every time. A spray tan is the ONLY healthy tan!

TIP: You should always use SPF to protect your skin, even after getting a spray tan.

Myth: I am too pale - it will look unnatural

False. We have a 7-step flawless tan method that ensures a natural looking tan every time. Truth: Our tan artists are trained to ask the right questions and pick or mix the right solutions to work with your desired results. A sun-kiss color is more than possible and gives a beautiful healthy and toned appearance.

Myth: It will clog my pores and make me breakout

False. Guys, please stop asking me to not spray your face for fear of a breakout. The color smooths imperfections and gives you a glow allowing you to go MAKEUP-FREE confidently.

Truth: Organic. Gluten, cruelty & paraben free - it is meant to benefit your skin-not harm it.

Myth: I don't need a fake tan because my skin is already dark

False. Everyone benefits from the INSTANT CONFIDENCE of a spray tan.

Truth: Venetian has these beautiful violet bronzers that compliment even the darkest skin tones by working with your natural olive, green or yellow tones. Your skin looks even, hydrated and gives a Mediterranean hue.

Are you ready to dive in? Head over to our SPRAY TAN page for prep and after care advice and use your 1st-time discount. We are great with newbies and believe every body is a beautiful, unique canvas. So get naked, and no negative-body language allowed.

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