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Leave Dull Skin In 2022

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

If putting your skin (and yourself) first is one of your resolutions this year - I’ve got you covered. 2023 seems like a great year to have the BEST complexion of your life!

Implement a “spa day” once a week.

If I’m being honest, you really need to do a mask twice a week, but I know you can commit to once a week - so let’s make it count.

Step 1: Set the tone. Light a candle (you probably got one for Christmas). Run a bubble bath, or grab a cozy seat on the sofa with a fluffy blanket. Turn on the spa music on YouTube. Create a relaxing environment.

Step 2: Double cleanse. Wash your face twice, taking your time to massage your skin and let any acids in your cleanser do their job.

Did you know you need at least 2 minutes for most AHA/BHA or glycolics to really work?

Step 3: Tone. I love PCA Smoothing toner because it wicks away any oil, eats extra dead skin cells and preps the skin for further treatments. It’s the toner we use in the studio for professional treatments. Whichever you have on hand: spray, wipe and refresh.

Step 4: Exfoliate. Whether a chemical exfoliator like GM Collin Derm Renewal 10% AHA resurfacing serum or a dual exfoliant like Dr Grandel Effect Peeling enzyme and microderm at home - you want to choose a heavy hitter. Pick a product that will really loosen skin bonds and help shed dead skin so your masks and treatments will penetrate into deeper layers of your skin and be super effective.

Pro Tip: If you have sensitive, reactive skin or are prone to redness/rosacea: you want to use a chemical exfoliant and avoid all manual exfoliators like scrubs. Enzyme masks, acid washes and masks you simply apply and do not manipulate work best on your skin. Beads and scrubs will inflame and aggravate.

Step 5: Mask. My personal favorite at the moment is GM Collin Aqua. It’s a drink of water for your skin. It's uber hydrating and good for even oily skin types! It's calming and healing. Make sure to pick a mask with hydrating benefits after a deep exfoliation!

Step 6: Treat. Pull out all those testers, trials and serums that you seem to have collected in your cabinet. It’s their time to shine! If you thought it was good for your face, now is the time to test that theory.

Solid options?

  • Vital C, Vitamin C for anti-aging benefits, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, protects and renews vibrancy.

  • Vitamin B3 brightening serum 6% niacinamide lightens discolorations, erases redness and gives an overall even tone.

  • Hydro Active caps are low molecular hyaluronic acid that plumps dry lines and increases volume for a filler effect.

Step 7: Seal it all in. Moisturize.

Marine Collagen Revitalizing Cream is a no-brainer for night time and day time moisture. Silky, light texture with algae that strengthens, energizes and firms the skin.

Commit to a weekly evening pampering yourself and your complexion will glow!

Looking for more immediate results? Try one of our Dermaplane facials to start with a clean and radiant slate to the new you this year.

P.S. I’ve taken the mystery out of when to get your skin treatments. Download your esthi-led skincare calendar here to know what the pros recommend. Then book out your year ahead for pre-planned skin loving.

P.P.S. I’ve had several UC clients follow this program last year and y’all their skin is freaking amazing!!! Huge transformations, even for skin that was pretty good to start with. This is a total glow up!

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