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Lashes with Length

When I ask my clients “What’s your favorite beauty trend right now?” The answer is overwhelmingly “The natural makeup look!”

This is why beauty treatments like lash lifts, brow laminations and organic spray tans are all the rage. They give you that effortless look of being naturally beautiful. They also just elevate the features that you already have! Less is more when it comes to the world of beauty right now and we couldn't agree more.

Lash lifts are not new to the scene, but Keratin Lash Lifts are. I refused to offer lifts for years because they were so dehydrating and damaging. They gave instant results, but the after effects, and the grow out, were less than ideal.

So what makes the keratin lifts at Uptown Charm different?


  • Infusions of Keratin and Peptides into each lash aids in growth and repair.

  • Peptides replace the collagen in your lashes which makes them super healthy and thick.


  • Our unique process results in curled lashes without the use of harmful perm salts & rods. Never fear there is a 0% chance of damage or overprocessing.

  • Higher lifts! Because we have a luxe hydration step to our process, the lashes lift even higher from a flexible curl instead of a crimped lash

  • You notice even more of a curl 48 hours later!


  • As with all our services, the Keratin treatments at UC are clean beauty services.

  • The KLL is also a vegan-friendly treatment.


  • For your first 3 services, we recommend seeing you every 4 weeks.

  • During those times we will be able to treat each lash root and hit each growth stage.

  • After 90 days, you can extend to every 6-8 weeks and see the same results!

  • Because the process builds on itself, you'll see a big difference each time you have it done.


  • Damaging

  • Dehydrating

  • Perm Salts

  • Over-Processed

It’s easily one of our client’s favorite services, and it's pretty obvious why. Who wouldn't want luscious lashes with zero effort and minimal upkeep?!

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