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Is Brow Lamination The Right Service for you?

Our Brow Lamination is one we get the most questions about! Are you curious if it would be a good service for you?

Check out the brow tutorial at the bottom for a quick way to get fuller brows at home!

Fuller Brows

The full and fluffy brow remains very popular this year and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere, regardless of what shape you use. This service gets everyone closer to their fullest, even, and more desirable brow shape by taming brow hairs (even the unruly ones!)

Fill in Spaces

Many of us wish we hadn't over-tweezed our brows (the trend of yesteryear), or we have holes or spaces in our brows. This is a HEALTHY spin on lamination. It's like a Brazilian Blowout for your brows. It infuses plant-based keratin and growth peptides to encourage regrowth.

Brows on Fleek

One of our most popular services, Brows on Fleek, is included with your Brow Lamination at Uptown Charm. Combine a custom color brow tint + a Beautiful Brow wax = perfect eyebrows, without need to cosmetically fill them in for 4 weeks! We tint, trim, shape, wax, and tweeze.

Soft & Styleable

If you've gotten the service before you might notice a few changes! First, we're using a new, quicker technique! You will also leave with soft, styleable brows, unglossed and in whatever style you like best.

Bonus: Brows on Fleek At Home

We're clearly obsessed with the hair above our eyes. Defined brows, laminated brows, arched, bushy, natural.

But how do you get brows on fleek at home? There’s pencils, pens, powders and gels.

Let me break it down. Its EASY, I promise, and for me pretty minimal. I use the Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit.

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