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How to Properly Clean your Lash Extensions

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

And why it's important.

When it comes to getting eyelash extensions as a client, the design is the most important! Them staying as long as possible (retention) is a close 2nd. But did you know a lot of the success to this happens once you leave your appointment?

Check out Heather’s quick video tutorial down below.

Brushing basics.

Using a clean lash wand to fluff and detangle your lashes every morning helps to keep your lashes separated, allowing for your pores to get much needed oxygen and preventing any tension on the base of your natural lashes.

Makeup removing.

Using the right remover is crucial to not losing your lash extensions. I once had a baby wipe remove almost all my extensions from a full set in just one swipe! You do need to dissolve the eye makeup you are wearing so you can cleanse the area properly, but you want to make sure you are using an extension-safe product so that’s all that is removed.

Cleansing, conditioning and cleaning.

Using Novalash CleanLash pads are a fail-safe way to clean your lashes and maintain awesome retention. They are pretty oily so if you don’t love the feeling (I personally do!) you can rinse with water after cleaning and use your lash wand to distribute the lash-friendly oils through your extensions.

  1. Use 1 lash pad for both eyes.

  2. With your eyes closed, press the pad onto your lashes and lid.

    1. Do not swipe.

    2. Manipulate the lashes with your fingertips to get in between the extensions.

  3. Without opening your eye, press the pad to your lashes and under eye.

    1. Do not swipe.

    2. Manipulate the lashes with your fingertips to get in between the extensions.

  4. Repeat on the other eye.


AM routine: Gently brush lashes side to side to free up any sticking. Then, brush your lashes through, from the middle of your extensions to the tips to remove any dead skin or oily buildup.

PM: Remove your makeup and clean off any dirt/pollutants at the lash line between your extensions from the top and bottom of your lashes.

That’s it!

Keeping your lash extensions clean and separated prevents unwanted infections and styes, optimizes your natural lash health and keeps your extensions on until your natural lash sheds naturally.

Lashes + Love,

Heather shows you how to clean your lashes with the lash pads!

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