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Getting Back To Routine

As we get back from our summertime of relaxing and traveling, I'm almost relieved to get back to a regular schedule. It's time to re-organize, make plans, and *gasp* get ready for the holidays! On that note, I want to share my recommendations for scheduling out services leading up to the holidays so you are looking and feeling your best.

Brows On Fleek

Our brows are such an important feature of our face! As we head into everyone's busiest season, we head into ours as well! We recommend booking monthly brow appointments now!


Whether you're a Lash Extension or Keratin Lash Lift client, you'll want to make sure your appointments are booked in advance and synced with your event calendar!


I highly recommend scheduling Peels for September & October and then switching to Dermaplanes in November & December. That way you'll have prepped your skin in advance and you'll have gorgeous smooth skin (with no downtime) for the entire holiday season.

Spray Tans

This is the time to start considering weekly tans with everything on your calendar- weddings, tailgating, bachelorette parties, and holiday parties. Join our email list & be the first to know a special announcement regarding our tan membership!

Trying to do it all in one trip? Your brows, lashes, and spray tan can be scheduled on the same day! Let us get you on a beauty routine!

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