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Above the Mask Beauty

With only the top third of our face showing now, brow and lash services are essential. The eyes may be windows to our soul, but the brows and lashes are curtains and tassle pullbacks. Let's dive in on beauty treatments that you can pop in once a month for and look mask ready 24/7. Our Above the Mask beauty package is a great place to start!

Keratin Lash Infusions are NOT your ordinary lash lifts. After searching for a healthy lash lift alternative, I landed here. Lash lifts are perms for your eyelashes and use perming salts that dry out and damage your lashes, leaving them brittle and frizzy. KLI is a vegan treatment that actually makes your lashes stronger and longer! Infusing them with real plant-based keratin and a hydrating treatment while lifting and curling them over a shield, makes for happy lashes that are healthy and eyes that look awake. This treatment is finished with a black henna tint to darken your eyelashes to show off that extra length. You even get 30% more volume over 30 days!

Just as we are darkening the lashes, we need to frame your eyes well too. Brows need your attention. With buzz words like: ombre brows, laminated brows and microblading, we have been obsessed with eybrows since before it was cool. Brows on Fleek is a custom tint and shape that we've been known for since we opened in 2014. Its not a commitment like microblading tattoo because brow shapes are trendy. And though we like the lamination, our billion dollar brow gel works wonders for when you want that look, and washes off for when you don't.

Our henna brow tint is custom matched to your hair and skin color and used to give definition and shape. We then wax, tweeze and trim for a natural, beautiful brow.

A little above the mask beauty attention goes a long way in how you show up in your mask.

And, if you are looking for an easy tutorial on how to fill your brows at home: check out this quick video from our pinterest page.

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