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The Gift of Shared Expierences

I used to buy my parents gift cards for experiences only to realize I was totally wasting my money. I thought a night out to dinner on me was a great idea, however, they would forget the cards in the junk drawer or not remember until they had already paid for their dinner and they ended up with a ton of gift cards – totally wasted!

----- New plan: I now TAKE them to the experience I want to give. I prepay for a gift card for MYSELF, make the appointment, and tell them when we are going. They don’t even get the card ha! I treat my mom to lunch and a spa treatment for Christmas now. What woman doesn’t like a preplanned date?!!? ANY woman in your life will appreciate this. I plan time together in advance and it's already paid for which makes it less stressful and more purposeful. I truly value quality over quantity and want my recipient to enjoy their gift and not have another ‘thing’ to get lost in a drawer or closet.

I always wind up treating myself too. We both get facials, skin consults with a custom-picked homecare shopping spree, fun lash treatments or sassy spray tans, and a trip to one of the hotel pools with lunch on the rooftop. My besties, new mom friends, and sister especially LOVE the experiences they usually don’t treat themselves to and the time spent together and carved out in advance for us to catch up! Don’t count out the guy in your life either. Getting him a facial with us (and a dermaplane for you!) followed by a happy hour date at Delachaise just became a day date that he will be happy to attend.

An Uptown Charm gift box, perfect for your girlfriend or wife, complete with dry body oil, lip plumper, candle, healthy mascara, sheet masks, and a gift card.
The Girlfriend/Wife Gift Box

I have plenty of more ideas and I’m happy to help you plan a fun and memorable time. Every year I help clients curate presents for their loved ones. Moms call me to help with what’s cool with their college kids this year, clients ask what they can get their Mothers (and in-laws) that will feel luxurious, husbands run in 2 days before looking for a gift card….. yes, send me your men and you will not be disappointed in your present under the tree! I put together gift cards, skin care, sunless and more to make everyone on your list feel special and like you didn’t just swing by and grab a quick gift – even if you did! It’s personal and custom and they will love it!

Let me help you with your gift list this year. I think we are all looking forward to the holidays just a little more this year in particular and instead of giving the same old thing or racking your brain on what to get that person on your list, keep your shopping local and let me take care of it!

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