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Full Brows under 5 Minutes

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

We're clearly obsessed with the hair above our eyes. Defined brows, laminated brows, arched, bushy, natural.

But how do you get brows on fleek at home? There’s pencils, pens, powders and gels.

Let me break it down. Its EASY, I promise, and for me pretty minimal. I use the Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit.

Step 1. Fill your brows from the middle to the end with the Universal Brow Pencil moving with the hair growth direction. Brush downward.

Step 2. Fill your brows from the front to the middle. Brush upward. Option to add a few little strokes of pencil to imitate hairs for a fuller look.

Step 3. Take Duo pencil and use concealer side on top of the brow. Use blending brush to blend downward towards the brow to soften the look.

Step 4. Take the Duo pencil and use the highlight side right under your arch and blend upward toward the brow – one tight stroke from beginning of brow to arch for definition.

Step 5. Apply the brow gel in an upward direction for a laminated look, or for a defined look you can use it to tame any strays.

Pssshh.....Did you watch until the end? There's a secret tip (and it has nothing to do with brows)

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