If you feel lost when it comes to skin care, and know that you should be doing more than just washing your face with what's in the shower, but have no idea where to start, THIS is your perfect starter set.


Includes Full Size: Oily/Problem Facial Wash, Smoothing Toner & Rebalance.


PCA Skin is a medical grade line free of all the bad stuff and a simple 3 step routine to get your skin healthy, smooth and glowing. There's a reason these are PCA's top selling 3 products for the last decade!! These 3 products together contain powerful AHAs to exfoliate, deep cleansing ingredients and matte moisturizers that calm and balance your skin.


Start here, and maybe stay here, or add corrective serums as you get more comfortable. Enjoy the simplicity, and rapid results you will see and feel.



1. Morning & Night: Apply a nickel sized amount of Oily/Problem Facial Wash to you hand and foam with a little water. Apply to skin and cleanser in circular motions in an upward direction. Rinse with warm water.

2. Night: Apply Smoothing Toner to cotton pad and wipe over face and neck. A tingling sensation may occur. If skin is sensitive, use every other night.

3. Morning & Night: Rebalance is a must to seal night time routine, but feel free to use it during the day for dry, sensitive skin types. Apply a pea-sized amount to face and neck.


Healthy Skin Starter Set