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My skin is fine, but what should I be doing for a skin care routine?

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

"My skin is fine, but" Its a common opener for my clients in their 30's. They do not have any glaring skin issues or concerns, but feel like its time to do more and want to know how to get started.


1. Cleanse (Am/Pm)

2. Tone (PM)

3. Exfoliate (1-2 per week/PM)

4. Mask (1x week)

5. Moisturize (Def PM, maybe AM too)

6. Lips (AM)


These conversations inspired me to create a Healthy Skin Starter Set. Its PCA Skin, so I knew you would see results and its my top 3 best sellers from the the last 10 years. If you have Rebalance and cant live without it, shout out on my social feed because you are not alone my friend!

Let's get into some details.


PCA Skin Facial Wash Oily/Problem is an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) gel wash that deep cleans pores, controls oily T-zones and lightly exfoliates.

How to: Dampen face with water and emulsify (read: add water and nickel size wash to palm of hand and rub to foam) then apply to face in an upward motion starting at your décolleté, up the neck to top of forehead. Avoid inner eye area.

Why? Clean pores are small pores. Small pores give a flawless complexion. Once a pore has been distended for too long, the elastin breaks down and will not bounce back, so keeping your pores clean on the daily is super important.


PCA Skin Smoothing Toner is an alcohol-free formula that clears debris without over-stripping your skin.

How to: After cleansing your skin, take a cotton round and douse with toner. Apply to skin all over. It is pretty strong, so I recommend using nightly, or if it starts to sting, use every other night.

Why? It keep dead skin from building up, making your skin smoother and clearer. It also prevents bacteria from getting into your pores, controlling acne and breakouts.


There's a couple options here. GM Collin Phytoaromatic Gommage & Dr. Grandel Effect Peeling. GM Collin's uses a fine rice powder and has more of a creamy consistency for skin types that are dry. Dr. G has fine bamboo and enzymes for a stronger effect.

How to: 1-2 times a week you'll need to do a deeper exfoliation. After toning, apply all over your face in a thin, even layer and leave for 10-15 minutes. Dampen hands and rub in gentle circles for about a minute, then rinse.

Why? Renewed skin is glowy skin. Manually increasing the cell turnover will reveal a softer, fresher complexion and prep your skin for further treatments, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate and work better.


Oh the amount of masks that I have collected. I love masks. I love the pretty ones, the ones that smell good, the ones that tingle, heat up, glow. I love a good mask! GM Collin has the mask game on par! Pure (Purple) for minimizing pores, Glow (Tangerine) for vitamin infusion and literally a glow for your complexion and Aqua (blue) is a gel that is super hydrating.

How to: Do this while you shave your legs once a week. I keep my masks in my shower to remind me. *You want to exfoliate before doing your mask* so the mask has max effectiveness. After rinsing exfoliation off, dry skin and apply mask for 10-15 minutes.

Why? Well, because they treat your skin. Whatever your skin concern, you can mask it! Plus they are fun and easy to use while delivering great benefits to your skin!

Pro Secret: Your at-home skincare is 60% of your complexion results! We do about 40% in the treatment room, you NEED to have a good home care regimen to complete that cycle.


Are you doing this? Its a pretty important step.

Rebalance is our #1 BEST SELLER skin care product. Period. It is lightweight, calming and hydrating. This baby is great for sensitive skin, discoloration (because of the Niacinamide), acne and literally ANYONE.

How to: Use daily. If you have a drier skin type, use in the morning also. Definitely use nightly. I personally mix my Blemish Balm with it to thin the BB cream and use for daily foundation that is medicated, tinted and has a natural SPF.

Why? Moisturizing replenishes your skin of stripped natural oils. Even acneic skin needs moisture and hydration to balance oil production. Use a Retin-A? Moisturizing will soothe and balance your skin. It will keep you looking young and help to keep your skin cells plump and happy as to keep away wrinkles, signs of aging and help repair skin.


Just like your skin, exfoliation and hydration are essential for your lips. Keep lips plump and hydrated with our DIY daily scrub, Lip Repair Balm & Lip Plumping Complex.

How to: Mix 2:1 Organic large grain sugar and Organic coconut oil. Keep this by your toothbrush to remember to scrub your lips daily. Dampen lips first, use a pea size of mixture to scrub lips for 60 seconds, rinse and blot. PM - apply Lip Repair for uber moisture from maracuja oil. AM - apply Lip plumper for volume from micro-collagen.

Why? Lips are sultry and you want yours to look full and smooth. The skin on lips easily dries out and can get chapped. Chapstick is wax based and only coats your lips, it does not treat. Treat your lips well and avoid lines and irritation.


The Holy Grail. SPF is your BFF. It is the cheapest, most effective anti-aging product on the market, oh and it PREVENTS CANCER.

How to: Use every morning, yes even on cloudy days. Do not however put it on at night. The benefit ratio decreases when you do this as there are some products in all effective sunscreens that you do not want on your skin 24/7. Always use as your last step so the physical blocker can do their thing.

Why? See above.

If you're just getting started and looking for a bit more guidance, join our Facial Kit Subscription - learn more. Its a monthly full at home facial that will get you in the groove (it has step by step instructions), get your skin on track, and help you decide which products you like.


Of course eyes, serums and treatments are important. This is not an inclusive list, but a great way to get started. With 2-3 steps AM & PM you'll be on your way to a great, healthy complexion in

under 5 minutes a day.

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