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Keep Your Vacation Tan Looking Fine!

Keeping your tan looking fine on your vacation is easy when you know these tips:


This is probably our favorite trip to take with a fresh spray tan. In 15 minutes, your body looks thinner, toner and your skin healthier – boosting your confidence while showing the most skin.

Sand exfoliates. Do not kneel, do a sand angel or otherwise cause any friction on your skin. It will take that tan right off, specifically in those places leaving you patchy…

Solution: bring a tan extender like Norvell’s CC cream or self-tanning mist touch-up spray. We have travel sizes of both.

Water exfoliates. Wading in the

water for hours at a time under the sun will dry out your skin.

Solution: Give your skin some TLC with the Venetian after-care system that includes a hydrating pH cleanser and moisturizing tan extender. Use this right after getting dry for the day and let the antioxidants and hydrators soak in while keeping your bronze.

Look for sunscreens without sulfates or synthetic oils. Choose plant-based oils and moisturizers like hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Neutrogena has a hydro boost water gel spf that is oil-free and water-resistant. I also really like Sunbum too. Get the lotion – aerosols are a no-go, sorry.


Hiking, kayaking, white water rafting? The clothes we wear for these exciting activities can be pretty tight (mostly for safety) but can also rub on our skin over and over while we do the same maneuvers for extending time.

Solution: Make sure to PREP! Exfoliate your skin like a pro with our Dermasuri mitt or Norvell Exmitt that can be used in the tan room right before getting sprayed. Getting the dead skin off before your tan means you’ll have less to exfoliate during your trip and your tan will really grip!


It’s no secret that New York is one of my favorite cities to visit! I only go for long weekends mostly, but get in probably 10 miles/day.

We walk, we walk a lot. But I also dress up in the evenings for rooftop cocktails and dinners and stroll the park early morning with coffee. We take a lot of pictures on city trips, and I want to look naturally sun-kissed in all of them!

Solution: Get a spray tan the day (or 2) with the pre and post-treatment before we leave. The tan will stay fresh and look amazing with no maintenance other than *moisturizing with a sulfate-free lotion 1-2 times/day.

Surprise trip and no time to
spray tan?

Solution: Norvell’s Venetian Mousse and blending mitt. Pack, shower, shave and exfoliate. Apply foam evenly in long overlapping circles and sleep in it. Color develops by the time you board the plane.

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