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How To Get Your Tan Off!

While I love that my spray tan can last almost 2 weeks, when I’m ready for a fresh, dark tan I need to get it off. Here’s some tips I’ve learned over the past 15 years of spray tanning to ensure an even fade.

Try soaking in a bath.

And add some oil! I’ll use baby oil, jojoba, coconut, whatever I have around the house. Oils help to break down the DHA from your sunless tan so the color can fade away. Hot water also exfoliates your skin. Getting your skin nice and warm helps to loosen the dead skin cells to help them shed. This is a great prep about 5 days after you tan to start an even fading process or could totally get rid of your tan if you are 7+ days out.

Use a chemical exfoliant.

Tan erasers are specifically developed to remove pre-existing sunless products and my favorite Selfie Tan Remover even moisturizes, primes and balances your pH to prep you for your next tan. I love a multi-tasking product. Plus, it's pretty much zero-effort. It helps dissolve stubborn color and gently exfoliates.

How to:

  1. Generously apply the foam all over dry skin. Leave on for 5-10 minutes depending on just how much color you are trying to get off.

  2. Shower with warm water and use a damp washcloth to rub away any leftover color.

  3. If tanning again: Shower with a sulfate-free body wash and get excited about your upcoming new, flawless tan!

Use a scrub mitt.

For more stubborn tans, or when I am trying to get spray tans close together, I need something a bit stronger. The Dermasuri Body Mitt removes layers of dry skin. When I pair this with a good hot tub soak (no oils this time!) my skin literally rolls off and reveals new fresh and pale skin. The Mitt unclogs pores and really helps with ingrown hairs so it's a great shaving prep too! Honestly, I just like using this weekly to keep my skin clean, clear and exfoliated because I have chronic dry skin and this helps my moisturizers reach the deeper layers of my skin so I’m not itchy and uncomfortable.

Stay hydrated.

Spray tans have become more than just sunless color for your body, but true skin treatments. They have antioxidants, moisturizers and even skin firming ingredients. It's giving you everything it's got from the outside, but you’ll need to help from the inside. Drinking plenty of H2O while you have a tan will help to keep your skin hydrated resulting in a nice glow and no dreaded patchy fade. It will also help when you are ready to say goodbye to your old tan because your dead skin cells will easily detach and shed from the healthy skin underneath.

In a pinch and have a small spot that needs to go?

Try alcohol-based hand sanitizer. It's usually conveniently around and can fade a dark spot a couple shades pretty quickly.

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